Developing differentiated therapeutics for the treatment and prevention of falls and movement disorders

The prevention of falls among the elderly and Parkinson’s patients with movement disorders is a critical unmet medical need

Neurocea is developing a proprietary, first-in-class, Phase 3-ready oral drug to prevent falls in Parkinson’s Disease patients.

25% of adults

over the age of 65 experience at least one fall per year

61% of patients

with Parkinson’s experience an average of 21 falls per year

Falls are #1

on the list of causes for traumatic brain injury

$65 billion+

is the annual cost of hospitalization, medical & nursing care related to falls

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A Silicon Valley, privately-held biopharmaceutical company

Developing differentiated therapeutics for the treatment and prevention of falls and other movement disorders. Neurocea’s lead compound is NP002, a Phase 3-ready proprietary formulation of nicotine.


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We are currently seeking partners to support the development and commercialization of NP002.

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